Gramex is a copyright society of performing artists and phonogram producers in Finland. On top of offering licensing services that enable the usage of phonogram music and music videos, Gramex also collects remunerations to performers and producers in Finland and around the world.


2019 year in recap

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Key facts

In 2019, 14,500,000 minutes worth of music was played in Finnish radio.Gramex distributed €19,800,000 to over 16,000 musicians and producers.
Gramex remunerations amounted for 29.5% of Finnish recording industry's yearly revenue.
Going from .pdf to .mp4

While some 20 pages long year review publication is certainly exhaustive, it misses the audience of potential clients looking for easy to consume, quick information on the most important aspects of operation.

We were commissioned to work on the presumably perfect solution: a compact, informative, and above all visually enjoyable year-in-recap video.

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The story.

‘The Year of Gramex’ aims to achieve two goals.

Firstly, it serves as an informative piece that conveys the story of Gramex in 2019 in a bite-sized video.

Secondly, it illustrates the importance of Gramex’s work through first describing the pivotal role music plays in Finnish life and then explaining how Gramex works to secure the livelihood of tens of thousands Finnish musicians and producers yearly.

Visual consistency.

Backgrounded by a white void, the story is told in the same color family, ranging from orange to violet, found in the Gramex logo.

The assets used in animation either complement Gramex’s commonly used imagery or otherwise support the topic of music and related data.


Illustrating the effects of music on people: "Music brings joy" - short animation for use in social media marketing and brand building

Important business! Listen up - short animation to direct attention to important announcements

Many companies wish to show the humane spirit behind the logo during Christmas season. This results in tens of different digital Christmas cards in your inbox every year to the point of exhaustion.
With the potential of looking like yet another faceless spam greeting, how, then, to show genuine effort in wishing your customers a truly wonderful Christmas?
Few of those digital greetings have achieved a warm and welcoming feeling. We did it through hand-crafted animations and an original yet classical take on “the twelve days of Christmas”.